Download GMS-Manager for Mac-OS


In order to run gms-manager on MAC-OS the following requirements must be met:


1. GMS-Manager requires an installation of GAMS (The General Algebraic Modeling System). You can use the basic version of GAMS, which is restricted to a Maximum model size or 2000 constrains and 3000 variables. You can download GAMS and buy a license for the full version of GAMS on the official website:

2. A Macintosh system with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher is required

Download GMS-Manager for MAC-OS

The GMS-Manager download for Mac-OS is restricted without a valid license key and does not permit saving files and compiling GAMS programs. If you want to test the GMS-Manager fully for 2 weeks please download the Windows-version.

By downloading this software, you agree to the License Agreement.

GMS-Manager vor Mac-OS
Release 1.3.90
(Release notes: Symbol update speed increased)
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 14.6 MB